Below are some of the most common questions regarding our online anger management classes from Online Anger Course. If you don't see your answer below please use our contact form and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is your website safe and is my information secure?
Yes. Our website uses a specialized encrypted technology and is 100% secure. Even we don't have access to your credit card information. Purchasing through our website is safer than handing your credit card over to a cashier at Starbucks. You can also verify us through the Better Business Bureau.
How does this online Anger Management class work?
Online Anger Course is commonly used for court ordered requirements, business and for self-improvement. The class can be started instantly after registration. Depending on the length class you choose, you will be presented with engaging content, short quizzes (you do not have to pass them to pass the class), videos, pictorials and a final exam (can be taken unlimited times). You can log on/off as many times as you wish and the class can be taken for up to one year from the time of purchase.
How does Online Anger Course compare to other online classes?
Our online classes are superior in many ways. While many of our competitors claim to offer an online class, many of them are just sites that require you to download files and read them. Our online classes provide a real online classroom experience. There is no software required, nothing to download and nothing we have to mail you. Once you enroll, access is instant and you can start immediately.
What is the difference between each length class?
Depending on which class you choose, there is going to be more content in the longer programs. Most classes will include the same topics, but longer classes go into more breath and depth of information. Starting with the 12 hour class, the longer programs include videos to reinforce the information. Longer programs also include more free downloads at the end of the class.
Do I have to complete the class all at once?
No. With our online class you can complete the course as fast or slow as you wish. You can log on/off as many times a day until the course is completed. When ever you log out, you will start right back again where you left off. It's simple and easy.
How fast can I get my Certificate of Completion?
Instantly if you want. We can make an instant downloadable copy available upon request, but we will always mail an original signed and embossed copy for free via USPS First Class mail. Expedited shipping is available.
How much time do I have to take a class?
There is no time limit to complete our classes. Take as much time as you need. The only thing we require is that you complete your class within one year of purchase.
Does your class come with a Guarantee?
Absolutely. While many participants take our classes for personal reasons, many take them for a court or legal requirement. If for any reason our program is not accepted for your legal requirement we will issue a full refund with written proof of decline. If needed, we can speak with the judge or probation on your behalf to explain our program and your participation to gain the approval needed.
What does your Certificate look like?
Click here to see a "Sample Certificate". Our certificate will show how many hours/sessions you attended along with your name, date of birth, case information (if for court) and our contact information.
Can I go back and review the materials?
While you are taking the class you can go back and review the materials at anytime.
Can I go back and review materials?
While you are taking the class you can go back and review any materials that you have already seen.
Can I print the materials for my personal use?
You may print out our course for reference but you may not reproduce our course in any format. If you wish to purchase a spiral bound version of our course, we do offer this as an option after the class is completed.
Can Online Anger Course be contacted by my Judge, Attorney or other Legal authority?
Yes, absolutely. Please feel free to have any legal official contact our office. We would be happy to assist them.
How to I contact your company?
Call is at (949) 715-2694 or through our Website Contact Form on our website.