Online Anger Course is proud to provide this comprehensive 52 hour/session online anger management class program. This 52 hour course is our most comprehensive online class and is the longest program we offer. It covers the same topics as our other online anger class programs, but covers much more detailed information and research on each topic. It also includes updated videos to reinforce the materials as well as several free downloads after the class is completed. Our online classes are commonly accepted and used through the U.S. for court and other legal requirements; however, we do recommend getting prior approval before registering to ensure a distance learning program will meet your specific requirements.

Anger is one of life's most difficult emotions to master. It can be powerful both positively and negatively. For most, however, anger tends to destroy and damage relationships most important to us. Gaining skills in anger management has never been easier than learning them from your own home or office. This 52 hour online anger management course is available 24 hour a day from any computer with Internet access. Don't let your anger ruin another important relationship. Get started today! Certificate of Completion is awarded, free.